Types of Sectional Panel Lift Garage Doors

When you are looking for sectional panel lift garage doors, you probably already know that you have many different types to choose from. After all, one of the main advantages of this type of garage door is the fact that it is highly customizable. So, you will be able to choose between different patterns, colours, styles, and even the materials. You are about to discover that sectional panel lift garage doors can be made of many different materials. Your choice will mainly depend on your personal preferences. Depending on if you are looking for natural lighting, ventilation, insulation, security or fire protection, your sectional panel lift garage doors may use different materials.

So, let’s check the different types of sectional panel lift garage doors.

#1: Standard Steel Garage Doors

The standard steel garage doors are the perfect type of sectional panel lift garage doors when you are looking for a secure and strong door.

One of the best things about standard steel garage doors is the fact that you can use a style that imitates wood doors. Besides, they are available in a wide range of colours with squares, rectangles, ribbed and horizontal designs in woodgrain or smooth finish if you want to.

Standard steel garage doors tend to be quite common since while they are affordable, they also have a lot of benefits. The truth is that these doors don’t fall apart, delaminate, crack or warp due to weather effects. However, and even though this type of sectional panel lift garage doors don’t rust with time, the truth is that they tend to fade.

When you are looking for insulated garage doors that allow you better control over the temperature, steel is a good option.

#2: Timber Look Garage Doors

While standard steel garage doors tend to be the most affordable option for sectional panel lift garage doors, timber look tends to be the more expensive one. And the reason is very simple. The timber look is handmade and is produced in well-selected timber species that have a minimal risk of warping.

One of the things that you need to understand about this type of sectional panel lift garage doors is that this is not actually real timber. You’ll only get its looks. And again, the reason is simple. While real timber would look great on garage doors, the reality is that it requires a lot of maintenance and most people aren’t really interested in it. So, you can get the looks out of this timber look without the maintenance.

There is a wide range of timber look finishes to choose from. Between colours, shapes, and patterns, your choice won’t be easy since most of them are really beautiful.

#3: Custom Aluminium Garage Doors

When you have a big budget, you should consider custom aluminium garage doors. They are made of Aluminium composite material consisting of low-density polyethene core in between aluminium outer layers. The truth is that this type of sectional panel lift garage doors have evolved a lot and you can be sure that your garage doors won’t rust as well as they are incredibly lightweight. Although they are known for longevity, you also need to understand that aluminium is very easily dented.

Architecturally specified and custom colours can be accommodated using the Alucobond aluminium composite range

#4: Acrylic And Glass Garage Doors

When you are looking to take advantage of the view that you have through your garage and need a sleek and contemporary finish, then acrylic and glass garage doors are a great option.

While acrylic garage doors tend to be more resistant than glass garage doors as well as they’re also amazing in terms of light transmission and clarity, glass garage doors also have their own benefits. These doors are ideal for garages that lack natural light. After all, you can use glass panels that are tinted or frosted to ensure your privacy. In addition, with glass garage doors, you also have the option to have a garage door that alternates glass panels with opaque panels.