Should I get a Garage Door with a Smart Phone Controller?

The invention of smart home devices has really made our lives convenient. From bulbs to fans and even heaters, there are tons of devices you can operate with your smartphone. There’s one more addition, and that’s a smartphone or a tablet-controlled garage door.

Operating these doors is extremely easy, and you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle. Just use the mobile app to open/close the door, and you are good to go. Similarly, there are plenty of benefits that you get from a smartphone control opener that we have covered in this article.

Read on and get all the answers you need to decide if you should get a garage door with a smartphone controller.

Perks of Having a Smartphone Controller for Garage Door

Open/ Close the Garage Door Remotely from Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of getting a smartphone controller for your garage door is the ease of operating it from anywhere. All you need is an active internet connection and an updated mobile app recommended by the garage door installer company.
Even if you forget to close the garage door, you can check the mobile app to ensure it is closed or you can close it remotely with just a tap.

Share Access with the People You Want

Another benefit of getting a smartphone garage door controller is that you can share access with the people you want. This is very helpful for people that have AirBnb’s, and rental properties as they can quickly give and revoke access to the property.
Depending on the garage door and the compatible app, you can give access to multiple people at once, so discuss it with the garage door supplier and installer.

No Hassles of Remote Controllers

Remote controllers for garage doors are convenient, but you have to carry them with you all the time. Also, losing the remote will lead you to control the door manually, or you have to get one more remote from the garage door company, which comes at an extra cost.
With smartphone-controlled garage doors, there are no hassles of managing the remotes. As you have the mobile app installed on your phone, there is no need to carry anything additionally.

In addition, a remote controller has a limited range, which is not the case with a smartphone-controlled garage door. These doors have an unlimited range, as the components are connected over the internet.

You Can Set Multiple Schedule

A smartphone garage door opener allows you to set multiple schedules to open and close the door. You can quickly set multiple programs depending on your schedule; if you leave for your office at eight and need the door to be opened at 7:50, you can do it by setting a schedule.
This way, you don’t have to wait for the door to open, and you can quickly leave the premises, as the closing schedule will close the door automatically.

A Few Downsides of Smartphone Garage Door Controllers

No Internet, No Operation

You need a home router with a continuous Ethernet connection port to operate the door. If there is any power outage or the wireless connection with the door drops out due to any unforeseen reasons, you won’t be able to open or close the door.

The App May Get Hacked

While the chances of the app getting hacked are negligible, there may be some instances that someone breaks into your wireless internet connection and tries to access the garage door.
Always choose a reliable garage door supplier and installer in Western Sydney that delivers the best-branded garage doors with highly intuitive and safe mobile apps.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several advantages of getting a smartphone-controlled garage door, you can consider one for your home. These doors are available in a range of options, including different types and sizes.
At Aussie Garage Doors, we are a trusted supplier and installer of smartphone control openers. We can install this controller with your existing door or can install a new door depending on what suits your requirements the most.
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