How Long Does a New Garage Door Installation Take?

It would be great to check the weather forecast beforehand to be sure that the installation will not take more time than you want.

The Surroundings

The surroundings of the garage are another factor contributing to the time required to install a garage door. If you have a lot of things piled up around the garage, it will surely take the technicians more time to install the door.Our clients often ask us how much a new garage door installation takes. In fact, it is one of the most commonly asked questions that we decided to answer here.

However, there is no specific answer to this, as several factors are involved in this including the type of door, the experience of the installer, how many additional components need to be installed and the condition of the garage opening (where you want to get the door installed).

After considering all these things, a garage door installer can give you a tentative time frame for the installation of a garage door in Western Sydney. In this article, you’ll find the essential factors that affect the overall time of installation, along with some quick tips to get the installation done quickly.

Factors Affecting the Time of
Installing a Garage Door in Western Sydney

Removing the Existing Garage Door

If you already have a garage door installed that you want to remove, it would add up to the overall time. Removing a garage door can take around an hour, depending on the type and condition of the garage door.

Size of the Garage Door

Installing a bigger double car garage door takes more time than installing a single car smaller one. This is due to the fact that bigger doors are onerous and heavier, so installing them properly requires more labour work.

Precision is also something that affects the time frame when installing a bigger garage door. The technicians will balance the door and align it properly so that it runs smoothly and functions perfectly.

Sectional Doors come in panels which need to be assembled at the site. The taller the door, the more panels required to be assembled.

Type of Garage Door

The next thing that will affect the installation time is the type of garage door. Professional garage door installation companies in Western Sydney offer a range of doors, including:

Each type requires a different installation time, and the installer that you choose will let you know about this in detail. Moreover, the availability of the type of garage door that you choose will impact the time of installation.

Weather Conditions

A garage door installation requires favourable weather conditions since the technicians will be working outdoors. Strong winds, hailstorms, and other unsuitable conditions can delay the time of installation.

Make sure to clear the way and park your vehicles at some other place so that the installers can do their job without even wasting a second.

The Expertise of the Installers

Obviously, an expert garage door installer will do the job pretty quickly and with more precision than a novice installer. Technicians working at professional garage door agencies go through strict training and are well aware of installing branded garage doors.

Yes, a novice installer can quote a low price, but the end result will never match what professionals can offer. A modern garage door is a big investment, so you should only trust experts for installing it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a specific idea of the time a garage door installation may take, you need to contact Aussie Garage Doors. We will inspect the property and consider the types of garage door you are looking for to give you an idea of the time it will take.

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