Repair or Replace: What to Do With Your Garage Door?

Garage doors are an essential addition to your house as they offer convenience and add a touch of exquisiteness. Used numerous times a day, a garage door has to withstand a lot of wear due to some external and internal factors. Therefore, some common problems are inevitable.

However, homeowners that own these garage doors find it challenging to choose between repairing and replacing when the door starts giving issues. Are you in the same dilemma? Well, you are not alone.

This article will tell you if you should choose garage door repair or replacement to have a fantastic experience using it every day.

When to Get the Garage Door Repaired? 4 Signs 

We’ll start with some issues that are repairable and do not require replacing the entire unit. 

1. Broken Panels 

Broken panels can easily be replaced with new ones. Also, the cost of getting the panels changed is not that much. Hire a professional garage door repair company in Sydney and get the panels replaced.

2. The Door is Not Opening and Closing Properly 

If the door squeaks when you open and close it, chances are some springs have worn out. Also, it happens when you don’t get the door serviced on time. Fortunately, the issue is fixable, and you can get the mechanical parts lubricated so that the door functions smoothly.

3. Door Warping 

Moisture and other unfavourable factors can make the garage door warp over time. A common sign of warping is the visible space between the ground and the garage door. Because of warping, critters and other small creatures can crawl inside the garage. 

You can get the warping issue repaired, but make sure to hire a professional for it. The garage door company will tell you about the scale of warping and repair the door as required.

4. Worn Out Springs 

Garage door springs have to bear a lot of tension, and they can wear out after some time. When the springs wear out, the garage door stops functioning, or you may hear loud squeaks. Getting the springs replaced helps fix this issue. 

Get the garage door inspected, and ask the repair company to give you a quote for putting in new springs.

When to Get the Garage Door Replaced? 4 Signs 

Here are some signs you must get the garage door replaced.

It Consumes a lot of Energy. 

If you have an old garage door model, it’s better to get it replaced. Old doors run on bigger motors and consume a lot of energy. So if you do want to get a dent on your monthly energy bills, better get the garage door replaced. 

Wondering how much time does a garage door installation take? Here’s how much time a professional company will take to install a new garage door

The Door is Extremely Noisy 

Even after proper maintenance and care, if the garage door squeaks, it is better to get it replaced. There are several components in the garage door that can squeak after a period of time, and getting them fixed can cost you as much as a new door.

The Door Lacks Basic Safety Sensors 

Safety sensors are essential to ensure your as well as your family’s safety. If the garage door you own does not have child safety sensors, you should consider getting a new door installed. 

A door without sensors can pose a serious risk to the residents and should be replaced immediately.

The Door Is Badly Damaged 

If the door has surpassed its lifespan and is in a very bad condition, you should get it replaced. The garage door is an important component of your house. Also, it is a matter of security, so a robust door is what you need.

Get in touch with an expert garage door installation company in your area, and ask them to give you a quote.

Final Thoughts 

Now you can easily decide if the garage door requires replacement or repairs. However, a garage door company will still be the right one to help you decide on the best option.

At Aussie Garage Doors, we can inspect the door to tell you if it needs repair and replacements. Also, we are a full-fledged garage door repair and replacement company, so whatever solutions you need, we will offer them at affordable rates.

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