Have Your Garage Door Tracks Been Damaged?

garage door tracks

Have your garage door tracks been damaged? Garage doors, despite their appearance, are actually very complex and mechanical.  Today we explore the most common causes why garage doors come off their tracks. We also explore what you can do to either repair or replace a troublesome door.

Hitting Your Garage Door With Your Vehicle

OK, so we’ve all done it, we’ve all clipped our car on the side of our garage or shed.  Not only is this damaging to the paintwork of our vehicle but the most common reason for garage door damage.

Is Your Garage Door Too Heavy?

The average garage door can weigh around 200kg you really need to make sure the door is secured well. If your garage door tracks are either old or of poor quality you may find they have sagged or moved out of alignment.  This issue is more common than you’d think. It isn’t only an issue when it comes to opening and closing your door. We have seen instances where garage doors slip off their tracks completely.  This can be a huge safety issue.

Has The Lift Cable Broken or Worn Out?

Thankfully this particular issue is rare but we have seen it happen.  This issue is more likely to happen with older garage doors that haven’t been serviced or repaired over a long period of time.  When you consider all the load stress that cables have to endure over the years we would always recommend frequent garage door service and the mechanisms.

What Should You Do Next?

As well as being irritating, if your garage door has a serious mechanical issue then it can quickly become a safety concern.  We would always suggest you contact us so we can make an appointment and come to assess your issue. We might be able to repair your issue or even recommend a new garage door if needed.