Top 6 Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open and How to Fix It

Nothing can be more frustrating when you want to take your car out and the damn garage door doesn’t open. Well, these robust doors are designed to work smoothly. However, the door won’t open at times and here are six reasons behind it!

There’s no need to panic, as you can fix some of these problems yourself to make the garage door work as smoothly as before.

Check out the top six reasons your garage won’t isn’t opening with the best possible solutions.

1. The Power is Disrupted, or there is an Outage.

Sometimes people unplug the power source of the garage door and wonder why it has stopped working. First, make sure that the garage door opener is always plugged into a working outlet.

Furthermore, a power outage can also avert the door from opening. Inspect the door opener’s plug and ensure it is connected properly. You can also check if the outlet is working fine by checking the fuse and circuit breaker.

2. Transmitter Not Working Properly

If you are able to open the garage door manually, but it isn’t opening with the transmitter, you are smart enough to figure out there’s something wrong with the remote.

Ensure you are not too far from the garage, as the transmitters have a restricted range. Furthermore, remove all the obstacles from the way to your garage door as they could be possibly blocking the signal.

Some other reasons could be the same frequency of your neighbour’s garage door, or the remote’s battery has run out of charge. Replace the battery, and try again.

If the door still fails to open, the best thing to do is to call a certified technician for garage door repairs.  The technicians will inspect the transmitter and will repair/replace it to make the garage door work again.

So, the door is still not opening? Here’s another reason!

3. Not Getting the Door Serviced on Time

Irrespective of the type, garage doors are heavy and need a properly lubricated track to work. Not getting the door serviced on an annual basis can cause damages to the track. The trails can get bent, warped, or blocked, and the door won’t open, or you’ll hear squeaks if it opens.

Furthermore, this problem can escalate quickly into a major one, and the only solution you will be left with is getting the tracks replaced.

Always get the garage door serviced once a year to keep the tracks in good shape.

4. The Cables Have Popped Out or Chopped Off

A rodent infestation isn’t just harmful to your house; it is detrimental to the garage door as well. Sometimes, rats chop off the wires, resulting in a power loss for the door’s operator, and the door won’t open/close.

Another reason can be the wires popping out if the torsion spring breaks. Look at the garage door circuit system and check for signs of broken or popped out wires.

It is not suggested to fix the wire-related issues yourself, so it would be great to call professionals in such cases.

5. Motor/Opener has Failed

The motor/opener is a major component of a garage door, and if it fails to work, the door won’t open. There can be many reasons why the motor wears out after sometime. Also, it will stop working after completing its lifespan.

If the motor is still under warranty, call the garage door agency that installed it to get repair services. In case, the motor is old and has reached its end of life, contact

Aussie Garage Doors and get a brand-new motor installed.

All the motors that we deal in are of high quality and come with generous warranties, so your garage door will open/close smoothly.

6. Broken Lifting Cables and Springs

The garage door needs lifting cables and tension springs to close and open slowly and safely. If the cable or the springs break down, the door will stop working right away. A common sign of spring wearing out is that the door will close with a loud bang.

Get in touch with garage door specialists in Sydney and get the tension springs and cables inspected. Furthermore, get the door services regularly so that the spring mechanism works fine and you don’t have any issues with the door.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, misaligned tracks can also hinder the garage door’s functionality. Inspect the issue carefully and call the professionals if required.

At Aussie Garage Doors, we are a garage door specialist that can repair any type of garage door. From spring/cable re-tensioning to replacement, we do everything with guaranteed satisfaction.

Book an appointment today, and get your garage door repaired by the experts.