Reasons Why You Should Never Leave the Garage Door Open for Longer Periods

It makes perfect sense to keep the garage door open for some time. If you prefer to warm up your car in the mornings on a nippy day, you need to keep the garage door open so the sunlight enters and makes the place warm.

However, idling automobiles left unattended, especially those safely in the garage, can be tempting for car thieves.

One of the many dangerous repercussions of leaving your garage with the door open even for a short period of time, is the possibility of your car being stolen.

When you leave the garage door open for hours during the day or while sleeping at night, there is a chance that you will experience some negative consequences.

We’ll look at some of the reasons why you should make sure the garage door is closed every time you arrive home, as well as some preventative actions you may take.

Reasons You Should Not Keep the Garage Door Open 

It Reduces the Lifespan of the Garage Door 

When left open for longer durations, the springs and other mechanical parts of the garage door may wear out quickly. 

Irrespective of the types, garage doors are heavy, and when you leave them open, the mechanical parts have to bear a lot of pressure.

If you want the door to function properly and last longer, you should never leave it open for a long time. 

Possibility of a House Invasion

Attached garages with entrance doors to the house are one of the most popular ways burglars gain access to a property.

Leaving the garage door open for even a short period of time provides a complete picture of the garage’s layout to the invaders and that’s how they may get access to your house.

Bad Weather Wreaking Havoc

Even on the most gorgeous summer day, the weather may quickly change. Imagine you left your front door open overnight since the weather was pleasant. Then you wake up to a deluge, thunder, and lightning.

When you enter your garage, you may face debris such as branches and leaves, as well as wetness and even flooding. That shambles could have been averted if the door had been shut.

Critters May Enter Your House 

Neighbourhood dogs and cats, as well as vermin such as mice, rats,raccoons, and squirrels can enter your garage at any time and make themselves at home.

Once they’re in, it might be quite difficult to pull them out. After all, the garage provides them with a warm, comfortable, and dry environment in which to relax and deliver kids.

An Important Thing to Remember 

As you can see, it is preferable to avoid leaving your garage door open while sleeping.

When your front door isn’t locked at night, you’re effectively leaving your home accessible to anyone who wants to come in.

You should incorporate a check on the garage door into your nighttime routine. You may do that while checking the other doors in your house to ensure they are locked.

Even if you know you’ll be back out in a few hours, closing the garage door is always a smart idea. This is especially important at night.

Checking the garage door, like checking the lock on the main entrance, should be part of your daily and nighttime routines.

If you leave your garage door open all the time because it doesn’t close correctly or at all, you’re putting yourself in danger. You could require a garage door repair or replacement right now.

Final Thoughts 

These are some reasons why you should keep the garage door closed and avoid keeping it open for longer durations. When you keep the door closed, you can enhance the lifespan of the door while safeguarding the garage from invaders.

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