How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door Like a Pro

It can be pretty annoying to have a garage door that squeaks, rattles, and shrieks every time you open it! Some homeowners even say that they often hear the garage door opening/closing in every room of their house, as the noise is so loud. 

A noisy garage door could be a sign that there is something wrong with the mechanical parts or there is a lack of lubrication. I know how desperately you want to quieten the door, as it may also disturb your neighbours with the loud noises it makes every time you operate it.

Here in this article, I’ll talk about the common problems that make your garage door noisy. Also, I’ve listed a tried-and-tested solution to quieten the door and make it work smoothly.

What Causes a Noisy Garage Door?

There are many reasons why the door has started making noises, and most of these issues are easy to fix. Have a look at the common issues, and know the core reason behind those squeaks.

Poor Lubrication 

This is something almost every garage door owner will experience if they do not opt for regular maintenance and servicing. You should get the garage door serviced at least once every year to ensure the mechanical parts do not brush against each other. 

Lubricating a garage door is no rocket science, and you can quickly do it no matter what type of garage door you have.  

Get a good quality lubricating spray recommended by your garage door installer, and get on a stepladder to reach the tracks up high.

It would be great to wear safety goggles, a mask, and gloves to get added protection. Always lubricate the door when it’s shut because the lubricant reaches the mechanical parts and does not drip over the door. 

You should lubricate the rollers, the hinges, and the tracks. Go through the instruction manual to ensure the door has steel rollers and not nylon rollers. 

Also, lubricate the hinges, and let the solution do its magic. Then, operate the door after a few minutes to check if it works fine.

So, the door is still making noises? Read on, and know about other common problems.

Unbalanced Door 

This will not be a problem if you have got the door installed by a reliable garage door installer in Hills District. However, in an unbalanced door, the tensioned springs exert more tension or are not enough required to counterbalance the door panel’s weight. 

Furthermore, an unbalanced door can lead to snapped cable or spring, which make result in temporary garage door failure.

Here are some symptoms of an unbalanced garage door:

  • It does not open
  • It appears uneven when you close or open it 
  • It makes banging or squeaking noises
  • It takes more time to open or close

The only solution to this problem is getting the door balanced, and for that, you need an expert. Contact the garage door supplier/installer to get further assistance on this issue.

Bent Tracks 

If you hear a rubbing noise when opening and closing the garage door, it could be due to bent tracks. Another sign is that the door does not open or close fully. 

Bent tracks aren’t very common if you have invested in a good-quality garage door. Also, regular maintenance helps in avoiding such issues.

Bent tracks require immediate attention, and you should contact the garage door installer ASAP. In some cases, the tracks are repairable, but if the issue has worsened, the only solution is replacing the tracks.

Loose Parts 

A garage door has several mechanical parts, so it is natural for some parts to get loose over time. A door has several hardware parts, including the rollers, nuts, bolts, chain, and hinges. Every loose part has a different noise, and you can quickly identify the particular part that needs immediate attention.


The loose chain creates a loud slapping noise when you close/open the garage door. Also, it causes the rollers to smack against the tracks, which results in jerky movements, and the door will not open/close fully.

Nuts and Bolts 

The garage door starts vibrating if there are some loose nuts or bolts. Moreover, it makes a rattling noise when opened or closed. 

Hinges and Rollers 

The metal or sloppy rollers of the garage door wear out after some time and need replacement. You’ll notice the door wobbling when it moves, and it creates a loud grinding noise. 

The only solution to this problem is getting the hinges and rollers fixed, and you need a reliable garage door installer for it.

Improper Installation 

Another reason why the garage door squeaks loudly is because of the lousy installation. If not installed properly, the tracks, rollers, and other parts of the door will not function properly, which results in several noises.

It is essential to get the door installed by an expert. Or you should always hire someone who is an expert in repairing such mechanical doors.

Final Thoughts 

A squeaky garage door is never good because it is a sign that there is something wrong with the mechanical parts. It is indispensable to get the door repaired quickly once you notice any of these issues. 

At Aussie Garage Doors, we can repair all types of garage door issues, including loose nuts/bolts, bent tracks, unbalanced doors and other issues. Furthermore, we offer garage door repair and replacement services in Hills District. 

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